2020 Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions – READ THE REPORT

As the Work-from-Anywhere environment continues to evolve, it has given rise to a new persona: The Super Malicious Insider. One with superior technical skills, in-depth knowledge of common insider threat detection techniques, and the opportunity to cause serious damage to your organization.

How do these individuals differ from other malicious insiders or employees just trying to do their jobs? In our latest threat report, written by the DTEX i3 research team, 2022 Insider Risk Report: Psycho-Social Behaviors, Remote Work & the Rise of The Super Malicious Insider, we discuss the nuances between an insider risk and an insider threat, why current technology falls short of providing useful data, and how remote work puts organizations at higher risk than ever before.

Download our 2022 Insider Risk Report for:

  • A deep dive into Insider Risk vs. Insider Threat
  • Tips to spot a Super Malicious Insider based on behavioral data and context
  • Real-world examples discovered through research by the DTEX i3 team
  • Steps to secure your organization in 2022 and beyond

You can also download the infographic containing the key findings from the report here