2020 Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions – READ THE REPORT

Data is at the core of modern business: It is our intellectual property, the lifeblood of our interactions with our employees, partners and customers, and a true business asset. But in a world of increasingly distributed workforces, growing threats from cybercriminals, as well as ever more stringent regulation, our data is at risk, and the impact of losing it, or losing access to it, can be catastrophic.

As such, a strong data management and security strategy must be high on the agenda of any modern enterprise. Ensuring we know how, why and where our data is used is crucial.

This GigaOm report details their best practices for adopting a multi-faceted approach to DLP that is holistic, intelligent and able to apply context to data usage as part of a broader risk management strategy. In addition, you’ll find evaluations of vendors who are offering modern DLP solutions.

Download the GigaOm 2021 Radar Report for Data Loss Prevention now.