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The Privacy Professor's Guide to Insider Risk Management

Episode 5: The Privacy Professor's Guide to Insider Risk Management

Privacy and risk management are two sides of the security coin, but striking the balance between culture, compliance and data can be a minefield, even for the most astute practitioner.

Join Rebecca Herold, the world-acclaimed “Privacy Professor”, and Christopher Burgess for an important discussion on the pivotal role of privacy in insider risk management. Together, they’ll unpack the global regulatory landscape and the value of a Chief Privacy Officer in an insider risk leadership function. They’ll also explore the significance of Potential Risk Indicators (PRIs) in identifying risky behavior, the advantages of pseudonymization over anonymization, and ethical considerations surrounding insider investigations.

Whether you’re starting or maturing your insider risk program, this conversation promises several actionable takeaways on how to make privacy an integral part of your insider risk strategy.

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