2020 Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions – READ THE REPORT

The world continues to change – cyber-centric platforms, human-centric management, and our digital reality compound the risks to our collective critical infrastructure. Organizations are left to confront increasing challenges to our data integrity, IP, privacy and operational resiliency. 

Only by working in partnership can we meaningfully discover new ways to learn, adapt and address the increasing human elements of risk to the critical operations of the Five Eyes community. We invite both public and private entities to join us to bring these conversations out of the shadows, rally the community, and uplift our individual and collective understanding to prevent and mitigate risks.

Join Julie Bowen, SVP of Operations, Outreach and Chief Legal Officer of The MITRE Corporation, alongside Chris Folk, MITRE’s Director of Cyber Partnerships and Policy, as they discuss MITRE’s expanding ‘For the Greater Good’ programs, including its mandate to make cyberspace safer for all.  Specifically, Bowen and Folk will discuss new opportunities for government and private industry partnerships to develop data-driven approaches, conduct applied collaborative research, and deliver specific-applicable frameworks and specialized services that embrace human behavioral sciences to advance next-generation cyber risk initiatives.