What lurks in the insider threat blind spot?


Our insider threat analysts conduct User Threat Assessments that analyze insider behavior at top organizations around the world -- and every single one of them uncovers some form of undetected insider threat.

The 2018 Insider Threat Intelligence Report summarizes assessment findings to provide an eye-opening look at the real threats that plague real enterprises. They include the three main forms of insider threats:

  1. 1Malicious Users – Users that intentionally harm the enterprise, whether that be through extreme measures like theft or sabotage or through laziness or apathy.
  2. 2Negligent Users – Users that harm the organization through ignorance, carelessness, or simple human error.
  3. 3Infiltrators – Outsiders who infiltrate the organization by taking over insider accounts, often through phishing or credential theft.

100% of User Threat Assessment revealed some form of insider threat. The 2018 Insider Threat Intelligence Report reveals how human threats put organizations at risk — and demonstrates why security teams need to rethink their approaches accordingly.