Get insights into American attitudes on privacy, security, and how organizations can balance the two.


2018 may be remembered as the year that privacy regulations became real: the EU commenced enforcement of GDPR, all fifty states have enacted some form of data breach reporting regulations, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Capitol Hill for hearings on privacy violations. 

Cybersecurity threats, too, remained a constant concern this year. Data breaches continue to occur, and the advancement of technology means that security measures have been forced to evolve to keep up with the sophistication of threats. 

But the intersection of these two points leave many security professionals struggling with the balance: How can enterprises manage cybersecurity concerns without violating employee privacy? 

In partnership with Harris Poll, Dtex set out to answer that question. The 2018 Cybersecurity and Privacy Index provides organizations with analysis and understanding about Americans’ attitudes towards both. Find out under which conditions Americans will support cybersecurity monitoring, and how to gain visibility without invading employee privacy.