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The Ethical Debate on Remote Employee Monitoring

A Gartner Report

How CIOs Must Lead the Ethical Debate on Remote Employee Monitoring

Thousands of organizations have pivoted to a remote workforce model in response to COVID-19.  This shift presents new challenges and is causing many IT and security teams to push for enhanced employee monitoring solutions that can improve visibility and better protect valuable organizational data.  According to Gartner, “CIOs are uniquely positioned to lead and transform the debate, but this must include ethical, as well as technical, considerations.”

Read Gartner’s report1 to understand the key challenges involved in Remote Employee Monitoring and how IT and Cybersecurity Leaders can drive the debate with internal stakeholders to develop and execute an effective and employee supported strategy.

Some Key Challenges CIOs face included:

  • How to structure and lead the debate over the need to maintain control of employee activities and behavior while working remotely versus the ethical challenges and brand risks that such ‘control’ pose to the enterprise. 
  • What does modern employee monitoring look like and how can it be implemented and administered in a way that will not erode employee trust, performance, behavior and possibly result in regulatory violations.

1 Gartner ‘How CIO’s Must Lead the Ethical Debate on Remote Employee Monitoring.’ 9 July 2020, Matt Hancocks, Helen Poitevin, Nader Henein.

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