Insider Threat Kill Chain

In order to fully understand any insider incident, visibility into the entire kill chain — not just one or two steps — is imperative. This is because the earlier phases of the Kill Chain hold the answers to some of the most important questions – both for incidents that have yet to fully unfold and for those that have already occurred. These include:

  • What was the intent of this user?
  • If this was a case of stolen credentials, how did the credential thief get into the account?
  • Did a security misconfiguration allow this to happen?
  • What other files were affected?
  • And many more.

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Insider Threat Kill Chain

Increase in Accidental Data Loss Increase in accidental data loss when
employees work from home

Increase in Malware InfectionsIncrease in malware infections
from remote users

Increase in Unprotected BackupsIncreas in the number of
unprotected backups


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