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Layoffs and Their Impact on Insider Risk to Your Organization

Amazon. Disney. Meta. Twitter. In recent weeks, some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies have announced high-profile layoffs affecting tens of thousands of employees. It’s clear that we are heading toward an economic downturn: and it’s not just the companies in the headlines facing these tough decisions. And while executive teams usually take great care in how they plan and execute layoffs, they typically underestimate or do not sufficiently consider the impact on insider threats.

As companies of all sizes face the unfortunate reality around the need for staff reductions, it’s critical that HR and cybersecurity teams work in lock step to prevent IP from walking out the door while protecting critical IT systems from the risk of employee retribution.

We invite you to join Rajan Koo, Chief Customer Officer with DTEX Systems, and the DTEX i3 Team as they discuss the increased insider risks associated with employee layoffs.

Topics we’ll cover include: - Signs of elevated risk that organizations experiencing staff reductions should look for, including red flags for employee sabotage; - The critical importance of eliminating persistent access to employer systems and devices following a layoff, and how the growth of work-from-home employees makes this more challenging - Real world examples of employers that have gotten this delicate process terribly wrong, as well as a few shining examples of organizations that have achieved the appropriate balance during such a difficult time.

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