2020 Gartner Market Guide for Insider Risk Management Solutions – READ THE REPORT

How do you protect your organization against data loss, while enabling your workforce to be productive and showing respect for their privacy?

Legacy endpoint Data Loss Prevention solutions fall short in a number areas, including their invasiveness, resource intensity and heavy maintenance requirements due to false positives and need for constant tuning. In fact, a number of organizations have given up on their DLP solutions because it’s just too hard to make them effective in today’s environment.

In this eBook, you will learn the 7 capabilities needed in a modern endpoint DLP solution, including:

  • Human-centric behavioral intelligence. It’s time to understand intent & context.
  • Complete & continuous visibility. End the cycle of reliance on rules & triggers.
  • Employee Privacy & Empowerment. Gain real-time visibility, improve endpoint performance, and show your employees trust by using light weight, cloud based agents that only inspect meta-data and not actual content.

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The old DLP adage that it is all about the data is no longer sufficient. An effective endpoint DLP solution should not only be able to make decisions around the data but more importantly around the human behaviors associated with the data.