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Smart Enterprise Visibility with DTEX InTERCEPT

A SANS Product Overview

No matter the industry, security teams know that the weakest common denominator in the digital enterprise is the user. Whether it be an intentional act or an innocent faux-pas, protecting your organization against insider threats can be an uphill battle when you’re using legacy solutions.

A better option is DTEX InTERCEPT. InTERCEPT is a ‘Next-Gen’ Insider Threat Solution that replaces legacy User Activity Monitoring, Internal Forensics, Endpoint DLP and User Behavior Analytics tools with a light-weight cloud-native platform that has zero impact on user productivity and endpoint performance.

In this report written by Matt Bromiley of SANS, he covers:

  • How InTERCEPT provides correlated, intricate data in a consumable and actionable manner
  • How the platform is powerful enough for strong security analysts while flexible enough to provide data for security leadership and executives who are making business-critical decisions
  • InTERCEPT’s user behavior scoring engine, a truly unique feature that provides DTEX an advantage in analyzing past and future user behavior
  • The capability to get to raw data and perform rapid investigations and threat hunting, found via InTERCEPT’s custom dashboards, correlations and analytics

Download this report and learn how DTEX InTERCEPT can help your organization achieve its security objectives.

InTERCEPT takes a unique approach toward detecting suspicious user activity, providing us with enough context to understand the risk to the organization and the next steps to take.

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